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Sep 18 2022
Grand Opening of Lovely Natalia Dyer
Sep 18, 2022

Welcome to Lovely Natalia Dyer, your newest fansite deidcated to the talented actress Natalia Dyer. You might recognize Natalia for her role as Nancy Wheeler in Netflix’s famous tv series Strager Things. We’ve already uploaded more than 30.000 photos of Natalia Dyer in our photogallery, including public appearances, candids, photoshoots, movie and tv stills, and much more! We aim to provide you a fast and reliable source about Natalia Dyer so don’t forget to come back often not to miss any news!

The site and gallery open with a lovely (pun intended) theme made by Secret Smile Designs, featuring Natalia’s photoshoot for Cosmopiltan (2022).

Enjoy your stay!