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Who Is Natalia Dyer? Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Stranger Things’ Star

Have yet to binge on Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things? Well, then scrap any weekend plans you may have and enjoy that I-must-watch-another-episode feeling as you lay awake at 2am, gripped by this ‘80s-set sci-fi thriller. For mega-fans (including team Grazia), the sleeper hit reminds us all of Winona Ryder’s immense talent taking on any role (from goth icon in Beetlejuice to a suburban mum whose youngest son goes missing). But there’s another female character from the show everyone’s got their eye on – Natalia Dyer aka Nancy Wheeler. Yes, there’s a love triangle element, but Nancy is no damsel in distress in the show, her arc a thrill to watch each episode.

You may not know the Nashville-born star yet, but you definitely will soon as Netflix has finally confirmed ST will be returning in 2017 (phew!). Until then, here’s everything you need to know about the hottest new talent to watch…

How old is Natalia Dyer?
Instead of the usual 20-something actress playing a high-school student, the US star is actually close in age to her character, at 19-years-old.

Her big break was in a major Disney movie
If you’re a die-hard Miley Cyrus fan, you may remember Natalia appearing in Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2009, her first ever acting role at the tender age of twelve. But ever keen to break out of the Disney Channel teen mould, she showed off her darker side in indie drama Believe in Unicorns which debuted at SXSW festival in 2014, playing a teen runaway.

Are Natalia Dyer and Emmy Rossum related?
Um, no. But the rising star could totes pass as the 29-year-old actress’ younger sister. The chestnut hair, the big eyes…even their smiles are identical.

She did her 1980s research before filming
The show is pretty much a love letter to eighties cult classics from The Clash (Warning: ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ will stay in your head for days after) to Steven Spielberg references peppered throughout. But as she was born in 1997 – playing a character in 1983 – she turned to her mum’s old year books, bought Charlie perfume and binged on slasher horrors from that era for inspiration. Although rather than all-out Madonna vibes (or her on-scren BFF Barb’s geek-chic) Nancy’s fashion in ST is more understated in a series of preppy outfits.

Is she single?
Natalia remains tight-lipped on her personal life, including if she’s in a relationship or not. Although in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan US she revealed a clue to any rumours of romance right now. ‘Nancy’s got a lot more on her plate by the end of the show than just worrying about who to date.’

Does she have Instagram?
Sadly, not. While you’d be hard pressed to find a Hollywood star not on Instagram, Natalia eschews all social media. Even having a browse on her co-star, Charlie Heaton’s Instagram @charlie.r.heaton (who plays Winona Ryder’s introverted older son) there’s not a selfie in sight on-set. Although, as her status appears on the rise that may soon change. Watch this space…

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